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The Lost

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Kelly (Ordinary Vanity)
10 March 1989
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1337, 311, 4chan, 8-bit theater, a perfect circle, acronyms, acting, afterlife, alanis morisette, alexisonfire, angst, anime, apple juice, atreyu, björk, black, bleeding, blue, bottles, breaking benjamin, bukkake, bunny ears, caffeine, cake, cartoons, cat ears, cat girls, chapstick, chevelle, clouds, coke, coldplay, computers, conan o'brien, concerts, crayons, crowns, dave grohl, david bowie, ddr, depression, disturbed, dr. pepper, drama, drawing, dreaming, emo, evanescence, faeries, fetishes, final fantasy, finch, fishnet, from autumn to ashes, ghosts, guitar, hair, harry potter, heat, hentai, hugs, incubus, ink, insomnia, japan, keys, killswitch engage, kittens, krist novoselic, kurt cobain, laughing, lawn gnomes, life, llamas, lolikon, lotion, love, magic, maroon 5, masochism, metallica, money, mongeese, mountain dew, mp3s, music, my chemical romance, my friends, mystery, nine inch nails, nirvana, nonpoint, nose rings, ocean, otep, otterpops, our lady peace, pain, photos, plastic, playstation2, poetry, poptarts, powerpuff girls, pr0n, pretty eyes, pretty white dresses, procrastinating, rain, ratfe, reading, role-playing, roses, sailor moon, self-sacrifice, seven eleven, sharpee markers, silence, singing, skittles, sleep, snow, soul calibur ii, spoons, stars, steam, stone temple pilots, strobe lights, suffering, techno, the doors, the faint, tool, unicrons, urmom, utada hikaru, video games, voices, waffles, warriors, water, wax, weirdness, what teh fox, wizards, world domination, writing, zodiac, zombies,